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The Resistance: Hidden Agenda

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The Resistance: Hidden Agenda


Hidden Agenda is an expansion for the hugely successful game: The Resistance. Hidden Agenda includes new module rules that can be mixed and matched with the original. A copy of Resistance is required to play these expansion modules. The three new modules are:
  • Assassin Module:  Every since we announced The Resistance: Avalon the request has been to take the exciting new roles from Avalon and make them available for The Resistance.  We are very excited to now make that available - the Assassin module of Hidden Agenda contains all the Avalon roles, re-themed and renamed to fit into The Resistance Universe.
  • Defector Module: Two variants in one, the Defectors were included as part of the Avalon promos.  In one variant, the Defectors can switch allegiance during the game - ensuring that players are never quite certain who to trust.  In the second variant version the two Defectors know each other - ensuring that the accusations of deceit begin from the very opening of the game.
  • Trapper Module: Every proposed Mission Team includes an extra person that won't go on the mission.  The leader will isolate a team member and watch their every move - making sure they can't make the mission fail. If you are a spy on the Mission Team, you’ll never know if you will cause a mission to fail or simply be giving your identity away. But resistance members will have to approve some missions knowing that a spy is on them and trust that the leader chooses to isolate the spy.

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