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Deadzone - Plague Faction Starter (11 Figures)

Mantic Games

Deadzone - Plague Faction Starter (11 Figures)


Bloodthirsty monsters created by an alien virus, the Plague exist for one thing only – to spread their contagion as far as possible. The virus affects its hosts in a variety of ways; its earliest victims become towering hulks, filled with a steadfast will which drives their lesser kin. In its second generation, the Plague creates smaller, faster, but no less deadly monsters. The third stage infected show considerably less extreme physical changes, but they retain the ability to use technology, laying down covering fire with looted weapons while their larger brethren advance. 

11 Plastic Plague Miniatures:

  • 54-card Faction Deck
  • 1 Plague Stage 1A
  • 3 Plague Stage 2A
  • 4 Plague Stage 3A
  • 1 Plague Stage 3A with HMG
  • 2 Plague Stage 3D “Hellhounds"
  • 7 25mm bases
  • 4 40mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic Requires super glue.

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