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Arkham Horror

Fantasy Flight Games

Arkham Horror

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The town of Arkham, Massachusetts is in a panic. Horrific and bizarre events have begun to occur with increasing frequency—all seeming to point towards some cataclysmic event in the near future that may spell disaster for everyone. Only one small band of investigators can save Arkham from the Great Old Ones and destruction!

Arkham Horror was originally published by Chaosium, Inc. almost two decades ago. This new, updated edition features stunning new artwork and graphical design as well as revised and expanded rules from the game's original creator, Richard Launius!

Players can select from 16 unique playable investigator characters, each with unique abilities, and will square off against the diabolical servants of 8 Ancient Ones, including Ithaqua, Hastur and the terrible Cthulhu!

No fan of the Cthulhu mythos will want to miss this opportunity to acquire this classic Call of Cthulhu boardgame!

Arkham Horror is a cooperative game for 1-8 players ages 12 and up, and can be played in 2-3 hours.

By Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson. Components: 1 Rule Book, 1 Game Board, 1 First Player Marker, 5 Dice, 16 Investigator Sheets, 16 Investigator Markers, 16 Plastic Investigator Stands, 196 Investigator Status Tokens, 56 Money Tokens, 34 Sanity Tokens, 34 Stamina Tokens, 48 Clue Tokens, 24 Skill Sliders, 189 Investigator Cards, 8 Ancient One Sheets, 20 Doom Tokens, 179 Ancient One Cards, 60 Monster Markers, 16 Gate Markers, 3 Activity Markers, 3 Explored Markers, 1 Terror Track Marker, 6 Closed Markers.

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