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Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome

Necrotic Gnome

Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome


The Complete Classic Fantasy Game in One Book
The Classic Fantasy Rules Tome is a complete game with the following content:

Character options: Seven classic classes (cleric, dwarf, elf, fighter, halfling, magic-user, thief), complete lists of weapons and adventuring gear, extensive lists of vehicles, mounts, and vessels, mercenaries and specialists for hire, rules for stronghold construction.
Spells: The complete set of 34 cleric spells (from 1st to 5th level) and 72 magic-user spells (from 1st to 6th level), for use by players of cleric, elf, and magic-user characters.
Adventuring rules: Full rules for adventuring in dungeons, the wilderness, and at sea, as well as guidelines for designing and running adventures.
Monsters: A selection of over 200 classic monsters to challenge adventurers of all levels.
Treasures: A hoard of over 150 wondrous magic items.
The material in this book forms a complete clone of the classic Basic/Expert game, including all rules, classes, spells, monsters, and magic items.

Cut Down Player's Edition

A cut down version of the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy game — without the monsters, treasures, and rules for running adventures — is available for players: the Classic Fantasy Player's Rules Tome.

Want More Character Options, Monsters, and Magic?

Check out Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy — the same game rules, massively expanded with extra classes, spells, monsters, and magic items inspired by the 1970s Advanced 1st Edition rules.

Author: Gavin Norman, Cover artist: Stefan Poag

296 page hardcover; A5 (Digest) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; 2 ribbon markers; 40 pages of colour art plates; endpapers printed with tables and rules summaries. 3rd Print.

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