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Reversible Battlemat/Megamat™ 1" Squares & 1" Hexes


Reversible Battlemat/Megamat™ 1" Squares & 1" Hexes


Want to map out a portion of a dungeon or that ancient ruin that the adventurers are about to explore? You don't have to spend money on cardboard floor plans or expensive 3D dungeon scenery - all you need is a Chessex reversible Megamat and a water soluble pen and you have an infinite means of depicting any dungeon or wilderness environment.

The Megamat is made from a soft vinyl and designed so that you can write/map on it with water-soluble overhead-projection pens and then wipe away the lines when you are finished. The whole mat is flexible and can be rolled up to make storage easy.

One side of the mat features a grid of inch wide squares whilst the reverse features inch wide hexes  - which makes it ideal for use with 25/28mm miniatures.  

As a DM, once you start using a Chessex Megamat, you'll wonder how you managed before you had one. Ben :)

Note: Postage cost for the Megamat is dictated by its long tube shape rather than its weight (actual weight 0.7kg).

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